If you do call yourself a runner, can you handle the truth?

You call yourself a runner?

This is a place for runners who have the attitude to train harder and smarter, who want to race faster and stronger, to better their race times and lower the chance of injury. The Rage and Manciata answer running and training questions with their own unique insight and spew. You'll also find running advice and inspirational quotes by sports legends and others who epitomize the spirit of 10k Truth.

this is the truth, babyblack hole n : 1. a hypothetical celestial body with a smaller diameter and intense gravitational field that is held to be a collapsed star.
2. What Regan Eberhart looked like while attempting to breathe at approximately 6,000 feet on leg #5 of the 1997 Jasper to Banff Relay. What you could look like if you pushed it more.

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