Q: I did a lot of running up until about 7 years ago. For two straight years I couldn't break 40 minutes for a 10k. I had times like 40:34, 40:26, 40:50, etc. and I was trying really really hard. Anyway, I got frustrated and my running tapered off. Now, at the age of 35 I want to tackle the sub 40 minute 10k again. It's been in the back of my mind all this time - a nagging unachieved lifetime goal. I want to do everything right. I got GBR. I'm going to follow the program. I am now building up to the 40-55 miles/week that GBR recommends as a base prior to starting their sub 40 10k program. Right now I'm at about 20 miles/week and have been adding 1-2 miles per week. Just taking everything nice and easy to prevent overtraining (probably my previous problem). Do you think I'm ramping up too slowly? Do you have any other tips as I ramp up my mileage? Thanks in advance! P.S. Awesome site. I found this on a google search and love the content here. -- F.S., 1/3/05

A: If you're following GBRs advice in the original edition, from my personal experience, it doesn't ramp you up too slow. You can't ramp up to anything if your laying on a couch with an ice bag and I have found his advice on rest is sound. Be patient. I know a guy that broke 40 last summer for the first time...in his early 50s. His key was hills and intervals. Just like GBR. If it works for you, stay with it. But, you need to find a method that works for you, so be flexible. Just remember, the first edition is a bit dated and Galloway has since adopted some "kinder, gentler" methods, probably to appeal to a broader audience of runners. He wrote the book in his late 30's as I recall. But that's why I liked it. Good old fashioned blue collar running. And it was from an era that American distance running was at least on the map. Now, I believe the "drive up window to fitness" mentality has taken over. Anyway, end of speech. Good luck to you. Sorry it took so long to respond. This one fell off my radar screen.

The Rage, 2/3/05

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